Supplier of Stainless Steel Valves in Houston, TX

When you are looking for high-quality stainless steel valves in Houston, TX, trust Universal Alloy Valve and Fitting Company, Inc. to have what you need. As a steel part supplier, we offer a number of unique and custom valves and fixtures for a variety of industrial applications. Whether your company is in the oil and gas, chemical or power generation industry, we have the valves and supplies available that you need.


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    Since 1970, our company has been supplying high-quality parts at competitive rates. We offer our material shipping across the globe to a variety of industries to help with their various operations.

    No matter what your geographical location is, the fact that you need an unusual, hard-to-get item does not mean you should pay an extraordinary price. We stay competitive so you can stay competitive.

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    Our large inventory of stainless steel and nickel alloy items enables us to ship immediately. Your order is filled as you need it and is assured to be of the highest quality. Universal Alloy Valve & Fitting is the solution.

    We offer a wide range of custom parts and valves for your applications made in a variety of metals. Some of the pieces we offer include:

    Fittings, Valves, Pipes, Flanges

    Our parts are designed for numerous high-pressure applications and provide unmatched corrosion resistance. This way, you know that the replacement parts we offer will easily stand up to the rigorous requirements of your industrial processes.

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    Not only does Universal Alloy provide standard material testing, but we also maintain a spectrometer for our in-house ability to issue certificates of chemistry to provide a higher level of quality control.

    With our laboratory spectrometer and quality control services, you can rest easy knowing that you are always receiving top-quality parts. To learn more about our material testing, reach out to our office.

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Contact us when you need high-quality stainless steel parts for your company. Located in Houston, TX, we proudly serve our clients globally.